This is my first review...This Bluetooth headset works perfectly fine for my Nokia N9 since my phone lacks of headset accessories. Let me talk about the good things for this headset that I bought 3 months ago. The music and media control works fine as well as receive call and reject calls. The sound quality is good due to the good bass sound and the noise cancellation of this headset.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of this headset would be the cord length of this earphone. I wish it would be 2cm to 3cm more in length. Next, it would be the in-ear criteria. I would prefer an in-ear headset but this isn't the case but kinda fit into the ears. Lastly, it would be the battery problem. This headset would last about 3-4 hours. Having to said that, this headset do comes with a charging case but I bought the package without the latter. This charging case can charge the headset to 8-10 hours for usage. If anyone knows about where can I purchase this charging case alone, let me know. :). Overall, I would recommend this to all of you. I still like it anyhow..

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