Since the last few years till today, Google and Apple is still dominating the market share of the smartphones. Their OSes, Android and iOS respectively, still being used widely and has become the global preferred choice for smartphone OS. Now, the rising of brands such as Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi,Meizu,Nubia , Vivo and much more from China, they have given additional options for the buyer to choose when it comes to purchase of smartphones. I guess many people still aren't aware of the brands that i have mentioned earlier.

Xiaomi, has become one of the fastest growing company in China and has proved what it takes to become the top 10 smartphones globally this year. Its marketing strategy has attracted millions and millions of people in China, as well as countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

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My Pebble Steel has finally arrived yesterday, 7th April 2014. It takes about 6 weeks after i have preordered from their official website since the end of February 2014. The main reason i purchase this watch is due to the stylish look of it and i don't have a smartwatch, that's why giving it a try.

Firstly, let me start off by giving out the plus points for this watch. The design is cool and it's exactly what i have expected. It stand out from all the competitors in the market and its predecessor too. It comes with the leather strap, or you can change to a metal one. As i have ordered for the brushed stainless steel, i would probably go to the local watch store to change the strap because they do not provide the precision screwdriver. It features Gorilla Glass Screen which is resistant to scratches and it's waterproof up to 5ATM.

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Top 3


1. The smartphone that has captured my attention from MWC would be Yotaphone. I would say this phone wins hands down in terms of its design.


  First Gen Yotaphone Next Gen Yotaphone
Display Size

Back - 4.3" (360 x 640) EPD

Front - 4.3" (720x 1280) LCD

Back - 4.7" (950x540) EPD

Front - 5.0" 1080p AMOLED

OS ANdroid 4.4 KitKat Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.7GHz Quad Core Dual Core 1.7GHz Krait

 Apparently, there are improvements in terms of the performance and the display. I am not sure about the downgrade of the camera ,probably for the power saving though. 

Storage 32GB 32GB
Battery 1800mAH 2500mAH

 Front : 1MP

Back : 13MP AF

 Front : 2MP

Back : 8MP

Overall, this phone is quite a good grab but the main concern is still the availability of apps for the EDP. However, they have released the SDK for developers in hope that more apps would be created once this phone has been released. More details for the pricing and the availability of the phone, guess we have to wait ...

2.  Blackphone (coming soon)

An interesting phone which tight security comes in place but is this the ultimate defense phone so far? Hardware specification wise is not very spectacular as it comes with 4.7" display ,2 GB RAM, LTE enabled, 8MP camera, and 16GB onboard storage. This phone uses PrivatOS which runs on top of Android, that encrypts calls, SMS,apps, video chat, file transfer so that it's untraceable.

3.  Smartwatches (coming soon)


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Have you gotten yourself a perfect case for your Surface tablet? Need not look further as this one could be the right ones for you.

I have researched on the right case for my tablet for some time and yet i found any to fit my naked tablet. Most cases available in the market is unfit and doesn't give you much freedom that you want with it.

FreedomCase is a sleek protection case with adjustable stand that allows you the freedom to customize the viewing angles to suit you on your lap. It gives you 8 different viewing angles in addition to the original angles. As it is just 3mm thick and weighing less than 10 ounces, it does not add any noticeable weight when you carry your laptop around. Apart from that, it give you extra holder for your stylus which it is extremely useful when you are charging your tablet and the case is compatible with your latest type and touch cover.The case secure your tablet with magnetic clasp and it comes with durable black polyurethane with plastic or leather as exterior. 

The kickstarter campaign for this case has started on 31st January 2014 and will ends on Sun, Mar 16 2014 

If you are interested, you may go here...


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As data grows exponentially throughout the years, cloud storage has become a necessity for personal and business use. I believe most of you has used the cloud services like Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive, Skydrive and etc. What do you save in these cloud storage? Most people would backup their data (e.g pictures, documents) for easy access from anywhere in the world and duplicate a copy of their files off the site.


Which of the cloud service providers that you like the most? I will compare a few of the services in the table below:-

   Free Capacity    
Amazon 5GB    
Google Drive 15GB    
Skydrive 7GB    
Dropbox 2GB (up to 16GB)    
SugarSync 5GB    

 As you can see from the popular services, there are not much free storage offered unless you upgrade to a premium plan.There are other free options which offer higher capacity, mediafire - 50GB, Mega - 50GB,Yunio - 1 TB , Tencent Cloud - 10TB. What are the things you consider when you opt for the service? Price? Reliability? Security? Which of these are your first priority?

Spideroak and Wuala, though provides less free capacity for users but they provides encryption at client-side, transmission line and cloud server's provider too. There are not many providers that offer such high security protection for users.

In short, price is not the only issue for consideration when you pick on any cloud service providers.You must weigh in other factors as well to make a smart move especially if you want to upload sensitive or confidential data to the cloud storage.


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How many of you are a subscriber or a fan of Spotify for music streaming ? Spotify is said to offer free ad-supported access for mobile devices. Currently , this is only applicable for desktop and laptop computers only. Having said that, this new services would enable the listeners to create a new playlist with 15 tracks that play randomly with some ads in between. To avoid using without such limitations, you need to subscribe to the premium plan.

A lot of competitors like Itunes Rdio, Deezer , Google, Nokia Mixx and soon, the upcoming from Beats and Youtube, are offering attractive plan for the users. This would have indeed provide more choices for the users. But music streaming services do you prefer?

Personally, i would prefer Deezer and Mixx for the current hits and the great selection of songs they provide. Spotify , does provide limited range of songs. Very often, you will see the newer songs being grayed out ,disallow the user to stream those songs.

For further details of the Spotify free music streaming for mobile devices, guess we have to wait later this month.







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On 3rd October 2013, estimated of 150 millions of Adobe user account has been compromised.Do you want to know what are the common passwords used by them? You can find these passwords below which were posted by Jeremi Gosney of Scricture Group , and reported by the Register.

Top 20

  1. 123456
  2. 123456789
  3. password
  4. adobe123
  5. 12345678
  6. qwerty
  7. 1234567
  8. 111111
  9. photoshop
  10. 123123
  11. 1234567890
  12. 000000
  13. abc123
  14. 1234
  15. adobe1
  16. macromedia
  17. azerty
  18. iloveyou
  19. aaaaaa
  20. 654321

If you would like to check if your account has been compromised, you can go here. It is created by software architect, Troy Hunt. Anyway , good luck with it...




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Do you have any hassle of carrying severals cards including your credit cards, debit cards, membership cards and gift cards? And this indeed has made your wallet even bulkier or you need to buy a bigger wallet to store all this cards. For now , all this can be solved using Coin.So what is Coin?

Coin is actually a device that stores all the necessary information of your credit cards, debit cards, membership cards,gift cards and etc,all in that device itself. It behaves like you are carrying all the cards in one.

Take a look at this video:-



For more information, you can take a look at their faq . For now you can have 50% discount and it will last till 13 December 2013. It costs about USD55 including shipping fee and it's expected to launch on summer 2014.

An interesting device to look out for next year :). Looking forward to it...







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Another interesting smartphone that is coming soon -Yotaphone.

The prototype of this phone has made its appearance about a year ago in December 2012. THere are 2 screens featured in this phone. As for the front screen, it would be the normal LCD display and the back screen would feature the power saving e-ink display. The phone is said to be released by this coming December, 2013 by the Russian company with  the collaboration of the SIngapore manufacturing company called, Hi-P.

The following specifications are taken of from the official website:-

OS Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2
CPU   Dual Core 1.7 GHz Krait
FORM FACTOR Monoblock touch with front and back screens
DIMENSIONS  133.6 x 67 x 9.99mm
WEIGHT  146g
COLOURS  Black and white
MAIN SCREEN 4.3” 720x1280 LCD, 16.7M colours; capacitive multi touch
BACK SCREEN 4.3” 360x640 EPD, 16 grayscale; capacitive touch zone below the EPD for gesture controls
NETWORK LTE 800/1800/2600 MHz, UMTS 900/1800/2100 MHz, GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz
CAMERA Main camera 13 MP AF, LED flash, front camera 1MP
CONNECTIVITY WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, BT v4.0, GPS w/A-GPS + Glonass
VIDEO  1080p 30fps; H.263, H.264 AVC, MPEG-4, WebM
OTHER Accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, FM radio, micro-SIM, special YotaPhone gestures and Put2Back applications for the back screen


If you would like to preorder, you may click here....

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In the recent years, mobile OS has been dominated by Android and iOS (Apple). There are other OS that have been trying to dethrone them such as Windows Phone and Blackberry but it's in vain. With the introduction of new OS like Tizen, Firefox OS and Sailfish OS, would they be successful in becoming the 3rd largest OS or maybe replacing the two current big OS in the market share?

Jolla Phone is made by the Finnish startup company comprises ex Nokia staff.Its mobile operating system, Sailfish OS is based on Meego Linux and would be consider the successor of Nokia N9. With the unique feature of the Other Half for its hardware and its compability with Android apps, it has gain a lot of attention of the media and people around the world. The Other Half is said to be a smart cover that you may personalize to your Jolla phone to match your moods and persona. Many ideas have been raised for the Other Half that includes the physical keyboard, solar panel, camera lens and many others. This in fact has created the endless possibilities with this smart cover. 


As for the compability with Android Apps, it has adopted Myriad Group's Alien Dalvik translation layer. With the latest news about the download of the Android apps, Jolla has decided on Yandex store which is based in Russia.The store features over 85,000 apps from 17 categories. This has benefited users to wide range of apps choices from the store other than the native apps


The interface of the of the phone would be similar to Nokia N9 with three view screen which are Apps, events and tasks. As below, you can find the specification of this phone. 


Display  Ample 4.5" IPS qHD display 5-point multi-touch with Gorilla 2 Glass
Camera 8 megapixel AF camera with LED flash 2 megapixel front-facing camera
Memory 16GB storage, 1GB RAM, MicroSD slot
Battery  User-replaceable battery
Processor  Qualcomm Dual Core 1.4GHz
Connectivity GSM/3G/4G LTE* (Works on 6 continents)
Dimension Height: 131 mm ,Width: 68 mm, Thickness: 9.9 mm , Weight: 141 g
Price 399 €


More details will be announced later this year (e.g list of countries available). Update: First batch will be released on 27th Nov in Finland. 


 With the recent collaboration of Here Maps with Nokia,  support from Meego fans and largest smartphone retailer from China, and all the features of this phone, this would be one of the most anticipating gadget to be waited for this year .  :)  


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Xbox One could replace your Smart TV or your existing normal TV. It's an all-in-one entertainment hub for gamers especially. The voice control is amazing . You can do a  voice command to personalize your profile setting or your preferred tv guide screen at a blazing speed.Easily switch between your tv channels, games, tv guide, skype without any noticeable lag with your voice command or with the tip of your finger on those controllers.

For more details take a look at the youtube videos:- (it's so cool)

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October 22nd has been a significant day for big company like Microsoft (Nokia) and Apple.

For the first time, Nokia introduce its first-ever tablet to its range of products which is Lumia 2520.


Lumia 2520 has 10.1" vivid display with Gorilla 2 screen which operates at 1080 x 1920 (218PPI). It has in-built LTE and wifi and 6.7Mp rear camera that comes with Zeiss optic as expected from Nokia. As for the software , it runs on Windows RT 8.1 (the downside).Other than that, an exclusive game, 'Dragon Adventure' by Dreamworks Animation will be pre-installed with the device.Nokia introduce Storyteller,that relive images and videos as a story on Map and Nokia Video Director for the video editor fans.If you feel the battery of the device isn't succifient for you,there is a power keyboard which will gives additional 5 hours to the tablet. (It comes before the Surface tablet power keyboard, how disappointing is it) :( 


 Updated: Using Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 chipset, which consists of a quad-core 2.2GHz Krait 400 processor and Adreno 330 GPU. The device has 2GB RAM and 32GB storage space, as well as a micro SD slot, which allows for up to 64GB of expansion.

As for the range of the phone products, Nokia introduces two 6" phones namely, Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320 and 3 Asha phones which are Asha 500, Asha 502 and Asha 503. Lumia 1520 features
 20-megapixel Pureview Zeiss lens inbuilt Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and a dual-LED flash. Other  specifications include 4G LTE connectivity, 1080p video recording at 30fps, an 3400 mAh battery, a screen finished in Gorilla Glass 2 and a Qualcomm quad-core 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU. Whereas , its sibling model, Lumia 1530 has slightly less premium features, that is the downgraded 5MP camera and 720 display.



 On the other hand, Apple has released the next gen of Ipad , Ipad Air and Ipad mini w/ Retina Display. Ipad Air features 9.7 inch display and weighs about 1 pound (vs 1.4 pound Ipad 4) with about 43% thinner bezel. It's the first ipad that comprises 64-bit architecture A7. As for ipad mini, it's now features the retina display and performance boost which has the same A7 processor as the ipad Air.

As for Surface 2 /Pro 2's coming soon in new articles..Stay Tuned :)


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