Jlab Audio has released the next generation of Epic Bluetooth earbuds , Epic2. It really excites me after hearing the news.There are 3 colours to choose from , Black , Blue/Grey , Teal/Grey . Although i would like a White colour version which previously have it, but for the need to discern between the first generation of Epic and Epic2 , that's why i opt for Blue/Grey.


There are quite a number of improvements over the first generation of Epic BT. One of the main distinct features would be it boost 12 hours of playtime compared to 10 hours. I could stretch till 2  days of usage without recharge with at least 4 hours of music playback, occasional calls, watching 1 episode of TV show and occasional of playing games. and it auto switch off when i go back home at night time. 


The Bluetooth connectivity between the earpiece and the phone seems to be improved with the replacement of the new Bluetooth module and it can go at a distance of 30 feet away without any interruptions provided you are not in the enclosure. It gets connected quite quickly when you are within the range. As claimed, it is equipped with beacon signal technology.As for the sound quality, i am not an audiophile but i realized the mid and high notes has more clarity and crispier.




The package comes with 8 replacement buds for you to pick accordingly. The box and wrapping is almost the same as the previous one. This BT earpiece has IPX5 (prev IPX4) 100 percent splash-proof, sweat-proof and washable.You may rinse your earbuds after the workout.


The volume control is now easier to press (as the button and spacing is larger), the 'Next' button and 'Prev' button has been separated and placed at the end of each side. 'Pause' and 'Play' button is in the middle now. For IOS users, the middle button could be used with Siri and there is a battery indicator in the phone too. Too bad for Android users   :(  .  Next, the microphone improvement , which i look forward the most ,has been upgraded . I am quite satisfied as the recipient is able to listen my voice clearly compared to  the previous version.


Apart from the earpiece, JLAB Audio has given 3 months premium membership for ROCKMYRUN app. This app really rocks which the name deserve it (- RockMyRun) . I have no idea about it before this. This app basically is a collection of mixes of songs from professionals DJs which you can customized your playlist according to the genres ,BPM!!. Try it out yourself.



Take a look at the table above and see how well it fares compares to the competitors in the market. Needless for me to say more :) 

All in all, this might be the best wireless earpiece in the market for its price. In future, hope the design would be smaller but due to its 8mm drivers it might get a little bit hard to achieve. I would definitely recommend this for workout or sports lover. Not so much for epic bluetooth first gen , but definitely a yes from me for this Epic2.




 If you have any feedbacks or need more info, please e-mail to [email protected].