Aiwatch k8 is a smartwatch which is produced by the same company , Goophone that is famous for its Apple clone phone. Even till now, there are cloning the latest Apple Watch and Moto 360 watch.

This watch has caught my attention due to its similar design to Apple Watch and yet own Android OS inside of it. Just i have decided to purchase another device to store my additional SIM card, this watch has WCDMA capability that fits right into my list. Nit picky for little things those dual SIM phone has to offer today, i have decided to go for this watch. 

The specifications are as follows:-


OS Android 4.2.2
CPU MTK 6572 Dual Core 1.0GHz

4GB (About 1.2GB free Space) - Does not support SD expansion



 Display 320 x 320 pixels


 Network GSM    850/900/1800/1900 MHZ                WCDMA 850/2100 (3G)


Pedometer, Barometer (Other sensors not supported)

Support MicroSIM

Battery : 450MAh

Compatible with Android Phones.



It comes with a nice packaging that includes user guide, microUSB charging cable, cradle and of course the watch.

As for design wise, it has a square screen like Apple Watch. It is a little thicker but which is to accommodate the 450mAh battery and a SIM card. The silver finishing is not bad but doesn't look like a premium though. The SIM card has to be inserted at the back which you need to unscrew four corners to take out the battery and insert it. Quite a hassle but if you don't change it regularly it should be fine.

You need a cradle which is given separately for charging  the watch with microUSB cables. This is a minus point since it cannot charge directly with the watch and you have to bring it out often if you need to charge regularly.

The battery cannot last long after moderate to heavy usage. Probably, light usage with some calls and SMS it might last you for a day or more. For a moderate to heavy usage- (WIFI on, bluetooth ON, GPS on) it might last you 1-2 hours. Tips: Kindly switch off unnecessary connection if you are not using it. If you need to use GPS for running or other sports activities or even navigation, it is advisable to enable A-GPS which certainly works faster to detect your location. if not, it would takes quite some time or you might need to retry a few times. WiFi works fine though. Its not advisable to use it solely for sports related activities, as it doesn't have any heart rate sensor.

The User Interface (UI) is quite good which is smooth and user friendly.It has limited number of watchfaces but it is alright as it has around 10 watchface for your selection. There is no always on screen function which a little bit disappointing. For you to view the time, you might need to press the power button to have a glance of it. It has a notification screen, weather, music player, and Pedometer (steps count)  which you can swipe to for your screen selection. For the menu settings, its like a skinned version of the Android. It comes preinstalled with play store (rooted) which means you can install any apps you want from the Play Store and even play games on it.

Some useful apps you can install which include some battery saving apps and screen dimming. Personally, I have installed CM Lockscreen to preserve some battery when the watch is idling.

If you use it as a standalone, it works fine. The speaker works fine but under noisy environment you might find it a bit difficult to listen to the caller. A bluetooth headset might come in handy in this case. It doesn't support BLE since its not version 4.4 and with no FM radio support. The watch is pre installed with Baidu Maps and Wechat or you can install any apps and receive notifications directly from the watch. Music lovers can be play songs directly from the watch be it from local storage or music streaming app like Spotify.

On the other hand, if you want to pair it with your phone, you are advised not to as you might find it a bit hard to receive notifications - miss most of the times.The only app I have tried for the Bluetooth linkage that might actually works is SWapp Link. You can install the mentioned app but the UI is not really user-friendly and still in the works.

All in all , it's an OK watch but if you want it a standalone watch , this might be the good choice at this moment.There are upcoming 3G/LTE smartwatch that comes from establish brand such as LG urbane LTE smartwatch which currently support Korea Network only. Another one is Samsung Gear A ,a round smartwatch. I hope Moto 360 2 and Huawei watch might consider a standalone watch in their upcoming release. Let's pray for Android Wear support too... 




 If you have any feedbacks or need more info, please e-mail to [email protected].