On 15 Jan 2015, Xiaomi has announced their flagship phones for 2015:- Mi Note and Mi Note Pro as you can see from the pictures  above. Do not be confused with the Redmi series (1s and Note). Mi Notes are categorized under high-end phones. Many of us will wonder why there is a shift of focus on their market shares? Ain't the product they announced should be cheap which probably costs less than $300 as many of my friends would ask the same question.

Actually their practice is still the same. Price has always been the main factors when it comes to Xiaomi products.All the while, they have introduced mid level phone at a budget price. And now they just shift their focus to high end phone for mid range price. As for head to head comparison with Apple Iphone 6 plus which has been mentioned in their product presentation, the latter could cost  a hefty and premium price but Mi Note Pro is a about half of the price of Iphone 6 Plus.

For a dual sim phone, most of the phones in the market are from the mid or low end series. Of course, there are some exceptions like HTC One M8 and Huawei Ascend P7. If you want a premium dual sim phone, Mi Note is the phone to have. It could fit 2 4G standby SIM cards which means both sim card slots support LTE.

The 5.7" screen is quite a daring move from them as 5.5" could be the limit of most buyers. Probably trend could change after some time .As for the RAM, they introduce 4GB for Mi Note Pro which I think it is a bit unnecessary as their customized Android , MIUI supposed to be optimised and even with 3GB RAM, you could barely hit 80% of the usage.

Other than flagship phones, they introduce MiBox mini, an android TV box too which is really small and light. The 9,000 units are sold out  in  17 secs after their first launch in China. Xiaomi has also given a sneak peak of their premium headphones too which supports high quality audio.

Let's wait for the release on 27th Jan 2015 for Mi Note base model.




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