I have just received this product for the last few days. I was doubtful about this product at first but to trust in Jlab Audio brand which has gained a lot of recognition from media and critics. All these time, although I have my Backbeat Go 2  as my workout companion, I am still looking for a better Bluetooth earpiece that can satisfy the thirst for the battery power. Backbeat Go 2 can only last about 3-4 hours or lesser if continuously play music plus answering some calls. After browsing some webs ,I found this Bluetooth earpiece that meets my needs which was just released somewhere around November 2014.Not many reviews have been given for this piece of item.



The packaging is nice which includes 6 choices of buds .


It comes with a nice pouch as well but it could not fit my 5.5 inch Oneplus One phone .If you own a phone that sizes less than or equal to (<) 5.0", then you are fine. You can clip around your waist or your pockets to conveniently bring your phones around.

You have 2 manual clips to adjust the length of your cords. The cords claims to be Memory Wire over-ear hooks that adjust to your ear shape after some time. For those who spectacles like me, you might find it a bit uncomfortable to hook it around your ear but it's more secure and provides in-ear experience which most others don't do. As for charging, it uses the normal micro USB cables .

As you can see from the comparison table above ,which could be found in the official website too, the competitors lose out in most areas. This Epic Bluetooth earpiece stands out the most in battery life - 10 hour battery life. The other competitors that offer the most in battery life range between 4-6 hours. Other than that, the drivers used is 8mm which has 50% more in sizes than the other competitors. For this few days of usage, I could hear the clarity,crispiness and the wider ranges of sounds offered compared to the Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 that I have owned. The weight is almost like the other competitor which is quite light. It has Bluetooth 4.0 which has a better range in connectivity. Having said that, it tends to lose connection  when I place my phone at my pants and it only happens 2 to 3 times and all the times , it is working fine. It is sweatproof ,splashproof and can be washable which can be seen from the promotional video here

As compared to Plantronics Backbeat Go 2, they are quite similar. In terms of battery, Jlab Audio wins hands down. It could lasts for my workout around 2 to 3 hours and travel time about 1 hours and the next day with the similar activity as well. For the same scenario, my Backbeat Go 2 could only can last about the 3 hours of workout for one day only. For audio wise, I' am not an audiophile but in terms of bass, I feel both are about the same but Jlab has the more clarity and ranges in the sound it offers. I prefer the control in Backbeat Go 2 as it is easy to control for volume and music playback whereas the control for the Epic Bluetooth earbuds is a bit harder to press with its 'plasticky' feeling and big buttons. I have get used to it by now.

Backbeat has voice and light indicator for battery for low ,medium and high. Jlab would only tell you if your battery is running low. Probably I will update if I know how to get around with it. Whenever there is a phone call, Jlab earpiece will read the phone number of the incoming calls whereas Backbeat Go 2 would just have ringing tone. 

All in all, I think I have found my best companion for my music listening experience. It is tangle-free, light , portable and could last for one day without any problems and does not lose out in audio quality as well.


UPDATE (15/1/2015) : For iOS user (ios 7.0 and onwards), there is battery indication on the top right of your phone screen. As for Android user, you may need to download 3rd party app like Bluetooth Headset Battery Widget to monitor. It might not be as accurate but it is better than none. :) 










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