Virtual Reality (VR)  has become a trend especially in the gaming today. For those of you who doesnt know what VR is, it is a simulated environment whereby it creates an immersive 3d experience for the user. VR has gained massive attention since Oculus Rift started their crowdfunding service in Kickstarter in 2012 which is later bought by Facebook. In fact, a lot of replicas seems to surface in China (e.g ANTVR, Depth-VR ) 

Even some big companies like Sony and Lenovo has started to introduce their own VR Headset. All this headset cost at least around $300 and it's not a small sum of money . And this is where the Google Cardboard comes in, which costs less than $10 .

 If you want to experience how's the headset looks like, you can make your own using Google Cardboard. All you need is your compatible smartphones and this Google Cardboard with optional apps and NFC tag. Take a look at my product as i made one:-

As you can see from the phone sticker on the cardboard. That's the NFC tag. This is actually my first time using NFC tag and i configure it to  access the Cardboard app automatically when my Oneplus One phone is placed on it. My phone doesnt seem to fit very well, but it's manageable.

If you would like to know more about the process of making it , you can go to the official website for it. And if you are considering of purchasing it, you may have a look here. Do take note that not all phones are compatible. ...

Although this is not a same as the VR headset available, but it is the cheapest options available and creates  a similar VR experience. Many games aren't supported yet at the moment but there are plenty of videos available in Youtube for testing purposes. Lets anticipate for the year 2015, as Oculus Rift will be available for consumers and other similar products will be coming after that...

 Update : Google has releases the apps section for Cardboard - here. The recommended games for now  are Lamper for Google Cardboard and Vanguard V. The other notable non-games app is Orbulus.



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