EZcast is a wireless display dongle that uses Miracast technology and Chromecast is a wireless display dongle developed by Google. Let me gives you a brief comparison between these two.


EZcast can be bought at $20 while Google Chromecast is priced at $35. Actually EZcast uses it own app that support multiple types of connection, not limiting to Miracast only. Other than Miracast , it supports DLNA, Airplay, Wifi Direct (WiDi) and screen mirroing. The one that i have tested is Vsmart v5ii which uses the EZcast . USing its own Ezcast app, it supports resolution up to 1920 x 1080 at 30Hz. Chromecast has the same support too but a lot of people complain about the instability when it's at that resolution. Both of the dongles updates regularly which is a great news for the consumers. Let's take a look at a comparison chart below:-



Let's summarize this :-

What are the advantages of EZcast over Chromecast?



More features supported

More video and audio format supported

Support Direct Connection, DLNA, Airplay



 Initial setup is difficult

 Limited Web support. eg Flash, not full screen

 More 3rd party apps supported in Chromecast ( Apps: Twitch, Vimeo, SlingTV ,Spotify ..etc ,Games: Angry Birds Friends, Monopoly Here & Now,Driver  Speedboat Paradise, etc)


One of the most important note here is the local streaming from your own devices (e.g tablet , smartphone, laptop) to the TV. For the chromecast setup, both of your device and the dongle has to be in the same local network that bridged through a router. It doesn't support direct connection . EZcast comes handy in this context especially you are travelling and staying in hotel . Projecting it through the EZcast and EZmirror app is seamlessly easy and it's very smooth when you are changing the screen of your device to your TV .

Probably you may feel i am a bit biased towards EZcast device over Chromecast . In fact, Google is a big company and probably many improvements will come in the future . But for now, EZcast device is clearly a winner, at that price.







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