I just received Truffol strap last week and is impressed with the strap that is nicely wrapped in the box and it comes with a screwdriver.



I have made some picture comparison between the original steel strap and Truffol strap. The Truffol strap slims down the 22mm the Pebble watch case to 20mm in the middle. Compared to the original Pebble steel strap, the Truffol strap is quite even throughout the width of the whole strap. The butterfly clasp of the strap makes it easier to unlock it but just a little bit hard to close it . As for the design wise, the link between the Truffol strap suits me. (feels more manly compared to the finer and smaller links of the original).


There is an option to include the $3 link adjustment tool which i find it a bit useful but kinda fragile. Though this is my first time changing the links, it's kinda successful following the graphical instructions given. It needs to be handled with care otherwise you may break the tool.

Tadaa....the finished product.......


Ain't it looks elegant..I have to remove 4 links to suits my wrist. It's a little bit heavier compared to the original steel but i'm totally fine with it as it adds the 'realness' to it. All in all, i am really satisfied with the purchase. I like the original steel strap too and i can change from my leather strap to steel strap anytime i feel bored now. As it's cost only $27, i think it's worth buying..

If you are interested in this Truffol, you may find more about it here.





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