Just for a start for this section of 'Fun', let me post some photos of unique 'ghosts' found in Malaysia  :) . All these photos are taken during Halloween 2013 at Genting Highlands Theme Park . How many of you have watched The Conjuring? If you have , you will recognise the picture below :)



The Halloween trail walk is kinda dark and long. I have to randomly snap those picture with flash. Luckily the angle and the clarity of the pic is fine. How many of you are familiar with Asia ghost particularly Chinese ones? They often wear traditional red dress with which is associated with revenge and anger. Take a look at some interesting photo taken on that nite...


A headless ghost (below) and pretty ghost too (with umbrella)

That Halloween nite is kinda OK...not really scary for me ;);) Actually i do have some more photos and videos ...see if i can find it. I'll share after that ...including Singapore's USS Halloween Nite .




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