Ubisoft has released a new game titled Just Dance Now on 25th September 2014. It is a browser-based dancing game which is paired with your mobile phones that act as a controller. IOS and Android phones are supported. The concept is pretty similar to the console games like in Wii, PS or Xbox. You can access the games in any browser with this URL , www.justdancenow.com . Then install the app in your phone. The app will be connected to the server and synchronised through Internet with the browser that you have connected to.


The game will be able to track your movement as you hold your phone in your right hand. I would say the accuracy level is pretty low, probably just defined by the horizontal X-axis or vertical Y-axis for your movement. Anyway, the game is pretty fun. As for now, it has only 51 songs and about 7 songs are free to play and the rest of the songs you need to upgrade to a VIP version. The VIP pass would cost as low as $1.27 for an hour or $63.92 for a year. Anyone has the app can hop in and join the fun, but for now the songs are targeted to support up to 4 players only. In future, they might add in more songs to support more players.

If you are a fan of dancing or just wanna have some fun in some casual games, this games would probably amuse you. This game belongs to those who doesn't have any console games, or activities for some small group gathering or even those loner who is bored of the usual games. Just get to it and have some fun!!!




 If you have any feedbacks or need more info, please e-mail to [email protected].