After the part 1 recommendation which has been posted here, frankly there are not any epic animes shown.However, if you are interested in light comedy show probably you can consider the following show:-



Ore Monogatari - A light-hearted romantic comedy . This anime centres around three high school students which main character, Takeo Kun who is probably the strongest in this show. The main story revolves around him and his best friend ,Sunakawa who has known him since when they are young and none other than the lovely shy petite girl ,Rinko Yamato. Her smile and personality will inevitably charm you all. As the story goes, it touches aspects such as their friendship ,love and consists many moments that would make you smile or even tears. And the most important is this show has no VILLAIN but it will make you anticipate for next episode too. Check out the trailer here;-




Cooking - Shokugeki no Soma


This one is a cooking competition with some intense moments. A lot of expressions will probably makes you laugh and drool with great moments of battles. There are a lot of characters in this show. But the MC is the Soma Yukihiro who is a fearless cook that learns most of his cooking from his father. Later he need to enrol in the elitist school which features many of the high profile chef and skilled chef . A lot of challenges awaits him along the way. There are a few warnings for this show. Firstly, avoid to watch before having your meals or prepare some snacks in front of you to satisfy your hunger needs. Next, the first few EPs might have some light elements of Ecchi. Anyway, as the story goes the elements dissipates. Many comedic scenes with some touching moments as well which is quite similar to an anime , Yakitate Japan about the bread making that was released in year 2004. You can check the trailer below:-


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p/s : will introduce more when there are nice anime around




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