While many of us are still waiting for the live Action of Attack of Titan or season 2 of the series, there are some nice anime to fill in. For those of you who has not watch Attack on Titan please go and watch it. It is one of the best anime since a long time probably after Death Note. With its interesting storyline about the Titan , a gigantic creature that devours on human flesh and has breached the strong walls of a city where the human lives. Vulnerable and fragile human as they are, has formed an elite squad to protect the citizen from the Titan. With many twists along the plots, it will inevitably makes you glued to your seat.


Your opinion might differ from me but here is the recommendation from me for year 2015 so far. I won't spoil you with much of  the details but just briefly mentioning them.

1. Tokyo Ghoul

This is  one of the epic shows of the year 2014 which consists of 12 episodes that ended in September 2014. Ghoul is a human-like creature that devours on human flesh. It will shows how the main protagonist, Kaneki get tangled in the ghoul world. There will be a lot of battle scenes between human and ghoul which will intrigue you. . First episode of the season 2 is the best of all with all the fighting scenes and the continuation of season 1. Although season 2 seems a bit of let down compared to season 1, it is still one of the must watch anime.

2. Kiseiju (Parasyte)

This anime has been made into movie.Manga or comic has been released for quite some time back in year 1995.The story revolves a weak 17 year old guy encounter with worm-like creature, known as Parasyte. And it has changed his life from that moment on. There will be a lot of interesting characters revealed as the story goes. It encompasses romance, epic battle scenes, twist storyline and definitely one of the best anime of the year.

3.Ansatsu Kyoushiitsu (Assassination Classroom)


If you prefer comedy ,this is definitely for you. I think you could guess the storyline from the title itself.Basically, it is about a powerful creature more known as Kuro sensei, an octopus like creature that threatened to destroy the Earth but offers a chance for students from Class 3E to destroy him. Killing an annoying teacher is supposed to be fun. The series portrays well in each of unique individuality of each students.


 UPDATE : There is a live action based on this anime released in Japan end of this month (March 2015). You can view the video from below:-



 For Part 2 of the recommendation, you can view it here



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