One the race obstacles was  a race across the river which was the last part of the race. At that time , the cat was the first animal to reach the riverbank.When the rat arrived, they enlisted the help of ox to ferry them across the river. The ox agreed and they set off. The rat pushed the cat into the river while on their way to the opposite side. Luckily the cat managed to get out of the river.

In the end, rat emerges as champion while the ox was the runner up to reach the final destination. The tiger came 3rd , followed by rabbit that hopped from stone to stone and floating log. The dragon came in fifth which was believed to help the rabbit by stopping the rain . The horse was placed sixth and seventh place goes to the snake who was hiding on the horse's hoof. The sheep, monkey and rooster arrived on a raft and taking eighth, ninth, and tenth respectively. The dog came in 11th cos he stopped for a wash in the river and lazy pig took the 12th place.

Last place went to the cat which is way too late and that's the reason it's excluded from the lunar calendar. The hatred towards the rat has lasted till now.. :). 

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